New Meaning for Soccer Moms

There are moms who watch soccer and there are moms who play soccer and the latter has redefined the term soccer mom and the growing interest in organized play for women.

Kings Park resident Diane Tabone is one of the women who make up the Kings Park Liberty Soccer Team, an over 40 group that plays under the umbrella of the Longs Island Ladies Soccer League and has been in existence for six years.

Most of the players played on the over 26 league until they turned 40. The team  has 20 members, 18 of which showed up to play on a recent and rainy Saturday.

“Most of us have been playing over twenty years,” said Tabone.

They didn’t even have girl’s soccer when I was in high school,” said Tabone who grew up in Huntington. “They only had a boy’s team.”

When Tabone moved to Kings Park she began playing soccer as an adult and has been playing ever since.

“Most of us didn’t play as kids. They didn’t have women’s soccer back in the day.”

Tabone, who says she has always been athletic, ran track and competed in gymnastics in high school.

“I learned soccer from playing it. We had coaches and trainers. Initially I sat out a lot, then I understood the game.”

Chris Walsh, 62 of Farmingdale began playing since she was in her thirties. She has three children who are grown and married.