Got To Get Them Into Our Lives

If you’re a Beatles fan like me, now’s your chance to tell your story and possibly get published. Don’t miss your chance to get involved in my latest project:

Got To Get Them Into Our Lives Project

This book is about how The Beatles, their music and their message have affected people’s lives, careers and relationships over the last 55 years.

Your story could be included with some of the incredible stories I’ve heard already:

A pregnant mom delayed her emergency C-section by a full day just to ensure her baby would be born on Paul’s birthday.

A small town in Arkansas, aptly named Walnut Ridge, was saved from bankruptcy in 2010, simply because The Beatles changed planes there in 1964. Only 300 people were on hand to see the plane. No one actually saw the boys except the mayor who was allowed on board to get autographs for his daughter. Then they took off and that was the whole encounter. But the marketing committee parlayed this event into a Beatles Convention, a Guitar Walk and a statue to honor the boys. The town is now thriving with new shops and restaurants moving in and Beatles tourists arriving daily.

A Superfan from Massachusetts follows Paul’s tours around the world, subsisting on peanut butter sandwiches and sleeping in airports. Her wedding was all Beatles all the time, from invitations to life-size cardboard cutouts for guests to take photos with. She actually got to meet her idol at a book signing and every detail is burned into her memory.

There are the lucky few who got to get up onstage with Paul and get him to autograph them somewhere on their body and now sport the tattoo.

Whatever your story is I want to hear it. It could be how you met your spouse through your love for the band. How you’ve bonded with your children through the boys. How you chose your career because of their influence. If you were lucky enough to see the four play together, I want to hear more. And, of course the stories of what crazy things you’ve done to get close to one or all of them.

You can send your stories to me at:

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Or email a brief synopsis and I will be happy to interview you over the phone and write up your story for you.

Let’s all Come Together and Help me become a Paperback Writer!